Maptiks analytics for Esri let’s you track key metrics on your users who visit your Esri map. In just a few steps, you can track user activity, map performance, and map engagement. And now, we’re making it even better.  With our latest integration with Esri, you can deploy even more analytics enables maps with ArcGIS Online and Story Maps.

We currently integrate with ArcGIS Online, Story Maps and Web App Builder Developer edition, as well as ArcGIS API for Javascript. And since we are continuously improving our feature set with Esri, we’ve added three new ArcGIS Online templates.

arcgis online analytics templates

Setting up Maptiks enabled ArcGIS templates is fairly straightforward by following our detailed documentation and set up process. It involves adding our templates to your organization through groups in ArcGIS Online.

Once you’ve shared the Maptiks enabled templates with your organization, deploying an ArcGIS Online map that is enabled with web map analytics follows the same workflow as before. Simply create a web map application in ArcGIS Online and select from one of the Maptiks enabled templates instead of the original ArcGIS Online templates.

Here’s a list of all of our ArcGIS Online templates

ArcGIS Online Templates

  • Basic Viewer
  • Edit
  • Filter
  • Find, Edit, and Filter
  • Finder
  • GeoForm NEW
  • Information Lookup
  • Local Perspective
  • Minimalist NEW
  • Public Information
  • Simple Map Viewer
  • Story Map Basic
  • Summary Viewer NEW


Story Map Templates

  • Story Map Journal
  • Story Map Series
  • Story Map Shortlist beta
  • Story Map Swipe and Spyglass


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