With Maptiks, we want to empower any sized organization – big or small – to take steps to make their web map applications better. Since releasing Maptiks 2 years ago, we’ve been able to help many geospatial companies identify and provide better web mapping experiences to their users. Today we’re pleased to announce new features that will help businesses take even bigger steps when improving their web maps.

Faster data aggregation

Many of our users have given us the feedback that the current refresh rate on their data was too low. Our aggregation was limited by our servers ability to aggregate the thousands of data points collected every second, and was being processed approximately every hour. This limited our users ability to stay updated on their web maps performance and made it effectively impossible to get multi-day insights.

This will give our users the ability to get updates on their maps multiple times per day or better yet, every single minute. So the next time your team has a marketing campaign or deploys a new application, you’ll have minute-by-minute updates to help keep your whole team informed.

Updated heatmaps

For many users, understanding where visitors are interacting with their maps can help identify opportunities or issues with their application.

In our latest release, we’ve simplified the heatmap by removing tile based heat zones and replacing it with seamless hotspots with warmer reds, yellows and shades of greys.