Who We Are

Meet the team working hard to make map analytics available for you.

Will Cadell
Will Cadell CEO & Cofounder

Dustin Sampson
Dustin Sampson CTO & Cofounder

Alain St Pierre
Alain St Pierre Engineering Director

Julien Jacques
Julien Jacques Marketing

Kailee Stewart
Kailee Stewart Sales Director

Mehul Solanki
Mehul Solanki Backend Developer

Parmvir Thind
Parmvir Thind Frontend Developer

Darren Wiens
Darren Wiens Geospatial Developer

Alan Leonard
Alan Leonard UX Lead

Dana Schwehr
Dana Schwehr QA

Anthony Mayne
Anthony Mayne Geospatial Developer and Government Business Lead

Joe Burkinshaw
Joe Burkinshaw Geospatial Developer