Using Analytics to Speed Up Decision Making

How to speed up decision making in GIS with analytics.

Making decisions about a geographic information system (GIS) investment is a cumbersome process, regardless of industry or organization size. Whether you’re a municipality, natural resource company or GIS solutions provider, access to geospatial information within the context of your business is essential. However, building the most suitable implementation is a complex process. Throughout any geospatial development, there is also the duality between technology and data. Getting the balance between these two factors correct is powerful.

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Accountability in Mapping

Why are organizations using web map analytics?

Organizations and companies are using web map analytics to collect new datasets, and uncover useful insights, that help forecast trends, identify correlations between asynchronous organizational efforts, and understand their users’ preferences in detail.  

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Active users

What are active users?

Analyze active web map users, in the moment. Active user metrics for web maps helps teams understand if users find value in the web map. By monitoring users who are spending time on a web map on a minute-by-minute basis, web map creators can gain insights to improve usage, utility, and profitability.

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4 ways to avoid failure in web mapping

Web map applications are growing in popularity year-by-year as they have the ability to convey data in a meaningful way, and provide spatial context to data. As such, businesses and organizations have had an increasing appetite for geospatial data, and the visualization of such data in maps. However the investment in staff and software to pursue this as a medium is not to be underestimated.  If you want your organization to succeed in utilizing web mapping as an approach to communication, there are a few strategies you need to consider to ensure its success.

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Does your map affect which home I buy?

Most modern real estate listing websites host a web map that allow visitors to search for potential properties in the context of their location. If you’ve ever searched for a new home yourself, it is undeniably a tedious task, which is why it’s important to provide an intuitive and reliable search experience for visitors.

Do you search with the filters or the map?
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5 Methods to track Return on Investment in GIS

I have had the pleasure in the last year or so to speak with many municipal GIS staff and departments. In some cities, GIS and mapping is limited, in others there are a myriad of applications to serve citizens and internal staff using GIS. GIS can be a valuable tool in sharing information with your citizens, the trick is making sure that the investment is worth it. Is the juice, worth the squeeze? How can we measure this? Here are 5 key Metrics you can use to determine if you GIS department is effectively communicating with your populace.

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3 Things Car Sharing applications don’t know about their customer.

I recently attended conferences in San Diego and in Austin and primarily used car sharing type applications to zip around on scooters and hire cabs. My experience in navigating the several brands and getting around was that there is competition in this marketplace. The main interaction point to start the transaction with these services is a map on your mobile phone. To properly understand their customer the developers of these applications need to understand the user journey on their mobile maps. Maptiks can provide 3 valuable metrics to use to compete in this market

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Improving your organization’s geospatial data strategy.

Faced with an increase in consumer usage of web maps by media companies, governments, and businesses, the demand for analytics for web maps is increasing dramatically. As internal stakeholders within an organization increasingly request for better insights into the millions of geospatial datapoints they are collecting, this creates a complex challenge because making the necessary changes to adapt have technological obstacles, organizational processes to work through and involve people.  

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Integration with Mapbox

We are proud to announce our integration with Mapbox. Our team has been working diligently over the past few months to get our web map analytics

Maptiks and Mapbox Integration
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Esri UC Scavenger hunt tip

When attending any conference, training event or workshop it’s always great to take a break and get out and enjoy the outdoors and experience the wildlife in the area. A stroll down around the local area can really refresh you. Also, there are many helpful and educational places to stop along the way.

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