What are active users?

Analyze active web map users, in the moment. Active user metrics for web maps helps teams understand if users find value in the web map. By monitoring users who are spending time on a web map on a minute-by-minute basis, web map creators can gain insights to improve usage, utility, and profitability.

Why is viewing active web map users so important?

One of the reasons why viewing active web map users is important is because engaged users are linked to the overall success and profitability of a web map. If a visitor to your map isn’t actively paying attention to the map itself and interacting with it, then the map isn’t achieving its goal. 

Different businesses, however, will have a different definition of what the goal is for a particular web map. Certain metrics might indicate goal failure for one map, and goal success for another. For example, a high rate of marker clicks per session may be a positive indicator for a real estate listing site, where more marker clicks suggest that a user is interested in homes in a specific area. But, a high marker click ratio for a map displaying various restaurants, may suggest that the user isn’t finding a restaurant suggestion quickly enough. 

For the most part though, highly engaged users are typically more likely to be gaining value from a web map, are more likely to purchase an offering, and more likely to share the map with others. Web map developers and marketing teams that measure user engagement can use web map analytics to better understand the factors that contribute to higher engagement rates. 

One of the best places to begin measuring the engagement of a map is seeing who is actively using your map right now. With Active Users, you can monitor visitors who are active on your map in that moment, displaying how they are interacting with a map – across platforms and devices – to help optimize your geospatial efforts.


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What metrics does Active Users track?

Aggregate User Metrics

  • Total Active Users on the map
  • Total Idle Users on the map
  • Average visitor duration of all users
  • Total activities of all users

Individual User Metrics

  • Session type: A user is set to Active if they’ve performed an activity in the last minute and set to Idle if they haven’t.
  • Device: Displays PC, Mobile or Tablet accordingly. 
  • OS: Displays their operating system.
  • Browser: Displays the browser in which the map is loaded.
  • Location: The geo-location of the IP.
  • Pans: The total amount of pans performed.
  • Zooms: The total amount of zooms performed.
  • Clicks: The total amount of clicks performed.
  • Layers: The total amount of layers performed.
  • Session duration: How many minutes the user has had the map loaded.

What questions can viewing active users on a web map answer?

  • Is our map being adopted by employees in a way we’d expect?
  • Are people getting stuck somewhere in the map?
  • Where are the users of my map located?
  • Are users interacting with the map as planned?


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